I’ve been writing on Medium for over a year (I have another account that focuses more on mainstream type of stuff) and I have not been curated even once? Why?

I’ve poured over the guidelines from Medium. I feel like I’m following them. If I’m missing out on something on a regular basis, I wish someone would tell me what it is.

I do understand that erotica is never curated. I’m fine with that. I don’t expect it to be curated.

I do publish more mainstream articles on my other account and this account does have some borderline mainstream content that is focused more on sex and sexuality. I know that others have been curated when talking about sex and sexuality though.

I’ve published in magazines on Medium. Sometimes that does help with views. But I still haven’t gotten curated.

I know curation is not the be all and end all of Medium. I know writers can make money without it. But it bugs me that I have not even been curated once!

If you are so inclined to take a look at some of my non-erotica posts and give me some feedback I’d be very appreciative. Feedback in comments or private notes are appreciated.


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