Panty Biz Update

If you think it’s an easy side gig…it’s not

Autumn Seave


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A couple days ago I mentioned I was going to give online SW another try. This time with a focus on selling panties. You can read the short post here:

I haven’t had time to update, so I thought I would do a quick post to let ya’ll know how it’s going. And it will probably go longer than I intend. Because this is me. LOL

Anyway, so I’ve settled into two sites but have been doing more work on one than the other.

If you’re thinking about this, the first thing you should know is that if you’re going to work with sites that specialize in selling panties, you’re going to have to invest a little money to get started because you can’t really DO anything unless you have a membership.

The panty selling site memberships are similar to Medium. With a membership you get access to an audience and you can do all sorts of stuff like messaging and posting and such. Without a membership, you can put panties up for sale but you’ll never sell anything because no one can message you and you can’t cash out.

I’ve created accounts on Sofia Gray and on Snifffr.

I love the look of Sofia Gray — it’s very pretty. And it’s easy to use. BUT customers can only message you with coins. They can’t message you otherwise, which minimizes what you can do. You can’t offer customizations if they can’t message you. The best you can do is keep your messaging cost low.

Snifffr doesn’t look as pretty but there’s a much better community feel. They have a live feed that buyers and sellers can post on — if you have a membership of course. As a seller, you can repost your items for sale as often as you like. That gets you more exposure to buyers.

However, on Sniffer, the messaging platform is free for anyone with a membership. Only non-members have to buy coins to be able to message you. There are two ways to send messages to anyone on the platform. Private chat and Private Message. To me it’s the same…



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