Office Affairs #5: Frank Needs to be Punished (Last Episode)

Everyone in this office has their kink

Autumn Seave
3 min readJan 16


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Frank got out of the meeting with Dahlia just in time to hide his boner. That woman made him crazed with lust.

It wasn’t her beauty. Although she was beautiful. Maybe not every man could see it but Frank could.

With Dahlia, it was more about her power, her confidence, and her strength. She was the most powerful person in the office. As the person who had been there longer than anyone else, she could make the rules and if she made a rule, you’d damn well better follow it because if you didn’t she would find her way to punish you.

But her punishments were never the ones Frank wanted. He sighed as he headed back to his office. He wanted a different kind of punishment than he was likely to ever get from Dahlia.

As he collapsed into the chair behind his desk, he was already unzipping his pants. He wrapped his hand around his hard cock and squeezed, hard. He could already see Dahlia’s strong hand wrapped around it, see the smile on her face as he winced in pain.

“Does that hurt?” she asked him, her face just an inch from his as she dug her finger nails into the senitive flesh.

“Yessss,” he moaned.

“It’s going to hurt even more Frank. But you like that don’t you? You like it when I cause you pain,” she laughed.

He could only nod.

“Stand up,” she demanded. “Pants down. Bend over.”

He didn’t want her to remove her hand from his cock but he knew what was coming next would be even better. And if he didn’t obey, he knew that he might not like what followed.

Bent over the desk, he felt his asshole pucker in anticipation.

There was silence for a moment. He wasn’t sure what she was going to do this time but that was part of what made him want her even more.

Frank felt something slapping against his ass. He wasn’t sure what. Not her hand. That would be too much pleasure. Something hard. Then, it wasn’t just a slap. It was a hit. Harder, then harder.



Autumn Seave

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