My Journey Into Domain Flipping Begins

With a bump and a grunt

Autumn Seave


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I’ve wanted to venture into domain flipping for years now. Why?

One of the reasons is, I love creating sites. I like setting them up and adding content and playing with plugins. I could get lost in building a new site for hours.

My biggest problem in the past is, I’m not great with consistency. So, I get bored with the site and it goes nowhere. It just sits there and a year comes and I usually let the domain slide so that someone else can grab it.

But why let it slide when I can sell it?

I’ve had an account on Flippa for ages. Likely since I first started thinking about flipping domains. I had an old domain set up but never followed through.

I decided to jump in and sell my first domain.

I had some bumps and definitely a lot of grunts as I tried to figure out how to verify my domain. The video they have linked isn’t helpful if you’re domain is on your own hosting. I finally figured it out though

I’m not anticipating much because I haven’t done much to get traffic or make money from it.

But, it’s a great domain name with a lot of potential.

I put it up anyway.

I always want things to happen right away. I want to put up MORE domains. But I need to slow down and see what happens with the first one. Figure out what I’m doing right and what I need to change.

I realized that each domain you sell on Flippa will cost you $29 to list it. Each domain. I thought that $29 was a 3 month fee to list as many as you want. This is what happens when you don’t pay attention to the details!

Meanwhile, I’ll work on the other domains I have to flip. And try not to buy more. For now.

Maybe in a couple weeks I’ll have good news to report!

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