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Lee Ann is only a short time away from marrying the love of her life but before they tie the knot she wants him to know the truth about her past. She doesn’t want something to come out in the future that would make him feel that she has hid things from him.

So, she writes him a letter, confessing everything about her past that he should know, and goes on a vacation.

This story is her confession of her life in the hospitality industry and all the trouble she managed to get into.

Will he be ok with it all? Or will he call off the wedding?

Read the whole series! Each part is listed below:

If you like my stories, please check out my web site (link in my bio) for more free stories and my personal blog. If you have ever had a specific fantasy you wanted to read a story about you should check out my Custom Erotic stories options β€” your story, your details, written by me!

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