He Helped Me Get Revenge

I had ways of dealing with my cheating boyfriend!

Autumn Seave
9 min readFeb 26


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I had one sole purpose for being at the bar that night — I was there to get fucked. Yesterday, I had discovered that my boyfriend of three years was fucking the new waitress at the bar where he was a bartender.

I had decided to surprise him at closing time and had snuck in the back door. His friend, Giles, told me he was in the beer cooler. What a great place to catch him unawares, I thought — but I was the one that was caught off guard when I found him with his cock buried in the ass of the cocktail waitress, who was bent over a pile of empty beer cases begging for more

I had entered the bar tonight wearing the tiniest leather dress I owned. The top was cinched and laced up the front corset style so that my already ample breasts spilled from the top, barely covering my nipples. The bottom of the dress barely covered my stockings, but the slightest bend would show off the black lace garters beneath my skirt. I’d skipped the panties figuring they’d just slow me down. As I cruised through the bar I could almost taste the sexual arousal in the air.

I had something specific in mind tonight, which was why I had picked this bar. It was fairly upper scale. Rich frat boys were known to hang out here and I wanted young and hot.

I chose a seat against the wall and watched. It wasn’t long before I saw what I wanted. A group of young men came in together. One of them was just my taste. At least six feet tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, largish nose, and chiseled cheekbones. As they sat about twenty feet away from my table, I made eye contact with him. He smiled back confidently.

It didn’t take long before he was seriously checking me out. I licked my lips. I “accidentally” dropped an ice cube into my cleavage, dug it out, and popped the remainder of it in my mouth. Then, my ace, I uncrossed my legs, revealing my freshly shaved treasures. I thought his jaw would drop to the floor, but he remained calm.

He drained his glass and left his buddies at the table. He literally sauntered over to me, totally calm as if women flashed their wet pussies at him every day.

“Hi, I’m…” he began.



Autumn Seave

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