Yes, It’s A Pen Name But I’m A Real Person! I Swear!

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Usually when I start writing somewhere new or join a new social network I introduce myself. I realized today that I haven’t done that here! …


All my erotic stories in one place

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Sometimes I write non-fiction on Medium but mostly it is my dirty, smutty stories that readers love the most. So, I’ve created this handy index for you; categorized and even an index so you can find the kind of smut you love the most!


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NEW and…

I don’t normally share new books but this is something I’m super psyched about because it is my first author collaboration!

OMG y’all, I am so freaking excited! I haven’t been able to tell you about this until now because all the organization and timing that is required….well, it’s a lot.

But today I can!

CLUB SIN is happening! I’m Room Twenty-Five and it’s going to be a lot of poly…

She was just trying to be legit!

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Charlee Beckett is a sex working in Vancouver, Canada. In case you didn’t know, in Canada it is legal to sell sex services on behalf of yourself (but not to purchase it — I know, that makes no sense!) …

He used a $100 Playstation Gift Card in ways it shouldn’t be used

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Andrew Wolf was a 41-year-old private school teacher in Philadephia. He was arrested and is now pending trial for allegedly using a Playstation gift card worth $100 to purchase images from a 13-year-old. He is now facing multiple charges related to child pornography.

Jennifer Arbittier, acting US Attorney General for…

I love public orgasms

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It was late summer, and the temperatures were high. I didn’t even want to leave my air-conditioned house. But I had a package at the post office.

I left the house wearing as little as I thought I could get away with — a tank top (no bra) a cute…

All eyes were on me. I was just where I wanted to be — the center of attention.

I beckoned to the first man, spread my legs, and pointed between them.

“If you make me cum,” you can fuck me. “You have five minutes.”

He went to work. He didn’t…

You don’t even need to have any partners!

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I feel like a lot of people think that because I’m polyamorous, I must have lots of partners. Or even that I should have multiple partners. The truth is, I have one partner at the moment. And I’m not searching for others.

Polyamory does mean more love. However, there are…

And that means you don’t have to live up to anyone else’s standards

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I’ve had a rough couple weeks. It’s always like this when I’m transitioning. Transitioning from being home to being back at the lake or back at my partner’s house. Transitioning from travel. Transitioning from having no one in my house to having kids visiting. You get the idea.

I’m starting…

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My ADHD makes it very difficult for me to commit to anything, which is a large part of why I don’t do series and have a really hard time with writing a novel. I have written novels. When someone is paying me to. But writing my own? …

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